Preparing your application


1 Read the position description.

The position description is designed to determine whether candidates are suitable for the role. The position description describes the role and includes the selection criteria. This can include the skills, experience, qualifications and qualities needed to conduct the role.

Before applying for the role, read and understand the position description to determine whether the job is right for you.

2 Meeting the selection criteria

This is your opportunity to demonstrate why you are the best fit.

Read the position description carefully, by attaching a covering letter addressing the key responsibilities and selection criteria, it will provide you with the best chance possible for the opportunity available.

3 Attach an up to date resume / CV

Attach an up to date resume or curriculum vitae. This tool presents your background and skills and will assist us in determining the right person. This should include your previous job experience, education, skills and if appropriate you can include additional areas to assist you to reflect your character and qualities.

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