Kiddipedia built for you, about you - the parents of Australia

Kiddipedia is here to help: A simple, easy to use site that gives you access to all the top parenting support websites in Australia from one platform.

Offering a keyword search across the top parenting sites in Australia, Kiddipedia collects thousands of the best articles from all the top parenting websites in Australia and draws them into one search bar, reducing the noise and clutter inherent in other search engines.

Everyone is busy, there’s no doubt about that. Kiddipedia was designed to save you time, give you answers fast but more importantly give you access to credible parenting articles, a choice of which parenting sites to visit and whose article you want to read. Once you’ve found the article you want to read, click on it and you will be directed through to their website.

Ultimately, Kiddipedia was built for you, and is all about you- the parents of Australia.

Kiddipedia believes in supporting and educating one another to give our children the life they deserve, give each other the tools to be the best parent, guardian or grandparent we can be and most of all empower each other to be the best versions of ourselves.

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Kiddipedia's Mission:

1- To assist the every Australian parent in achieving their life goals and by giving them the tools to be all they can be as an individual, parent and guardian: motto: Be all ‘you’ can be

2- To support the every Australian parent by giving them the tools to nurture their children to the very best of their abilities: motto: Give your ‘children’ the life they deserve and a positive future

3- To encourage parents to raise their children so they will continue passing this onto their children, and their children's children, to help grow a better tomorrow and stronger Australia: - for ‘everyone

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