Amelia Oberhardt

[image]Amelia Oberhardt

Amelia Oberhardt is a Brisbane born and bred Traffic reporter with over 6 years experience in the radio and media industry. Moving to Sydney 2 years ago she spends her mornings flying over Sydney in the helicopter covering traffic reports for Chanel 9’s Today Show and her afternoons doing traffic for Drive on 2Day FM and Triple M. Having a close friend who is a miracle baby herself makes the miracle babies’ foundation even closer to her heart. 

"I feel completely honoured and humbled to be part of such a wonderful organisation. Having had friends with complicated pregnancies and a close friend who is a miracle baby herself, it’s a wonderful cause which is close to my heart. I can’t imagine the heartache in having a sick child and it’s wonderful to know an organisation exists which looks, to not only support children but mothers and family also. I look forward to becoming an ambassador for miracle babies and doing whatever I can to help such a worthy cause".

You can follow Amelia on twitter.

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