Laura Byrnes

[image]Laura Byrnes

Laura is the primary driver of the Shamrock Racing team. Behind the wheel of the #4 Sigma in Production Sedans, she is a pint sized pocket rocket determined to break down the stereotype of women in motorsport.

Laura was born 9 weeks premature herself, at 31 weeks gestation. She spent 2 days in the NICU before spending 5 weeks in an isolate stabilising her weight. She was then transferred from Melbourne to Horsham Hospital where she spent a further 2 weeks and finally to Stawell District Hospital for 10 days before being able to finally go home.

"The only things that act as a reminder of my premature birth is my height - I'm 20 years old and only 150cms, which makes me the height of your average 12 year old. I was taunted a little bit in primary school about how small I was, and looking back now, I think that was a motivator into getting into a 'tough' sport like motor racing.. I haven’t let that stand as a barrier between what I’ve wanted to achieve in my life."

Driving from the age of 11 in Junior Sedans, she was named the sole production sedan driver to be accepted into the 2014 'Speedway Australia Rising Star Program' by the national speedway body, Speedway Australia, and attended the Australian Institute of Sport. In 2015, Laura received a scholarship from the Layne Beachley 'Aim for the Stars' Foundation, in recognition of her determination and success within motorsport, and positive image for the sport. Laura was also the first Motorsport competitor to receive a General Sports Scholarship from the University of Western Australia. In 2016 Laura was elected onto the Women of Australian Motor Sport committee (WAMS).

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