[image]Melinda Cruz

Melinda Cruz

Founder and mum to 3 miracle babies

As the mother of three boys all born premature Miracle Babies Foundation was initiated and founded by Melinda Cruz in 2005. 

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[image]Kylie Pussell

Kylie Pussell

CEO, Co-Founder and mum to 3 surviving miracle babies

Kylie Pussell co-founded Miracle Babies Foundation in 2005. After suffering a miscarriage and losing twin babies at 16 weeks

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[image]Robyn Sheen

Robyn Sheen

National Accounts Manager

Robyn brings many years of accounts and volunteering experience. Robyn has been with Miracle Babies since 2010 and is Mum to her Heart child Olivia.

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[image]Joanne Rowntree

Joanne Rowntree

Grants Officer

Jo is passionate about making a difference in the lives of vulnerable people and has 17 years experience in grant writing roles.

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[image]Kylie Caponas

Kylie Caponas

Community & Communications Officer

Kylie is mum to son Sebastian. With a background in Retail Marketing and a passion for art, craft and all things creative.

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[image]Kara Dubois

Kara Dubois

Marketing Assistant

Kara is a mum to three sons, Flynn, Chase and Rhys. She comes from a communications background having worked in broadcast media.

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[image]Danielle Hodgson

Danielle Hodgson

Donor Engagement Officer

Danielle is mum to son Owen and brings a strong marketing background coming from various personal care and baby categories.

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[image]Diana Di Giovanni

Diana Di Giovanni

Volunteer & Office Coordinator

Miracle mum to 2 boys, Diana comes to Miracle Babies with a strong background in events and administration and has worked alongside many volunteers.

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[image]Katie Russell

Katie Russell

Community Relations Assistant

Katie is a mum to two sons, Adam and Eamon. She has worked with a vast array of Event & Exhibitions Suppliers.

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[image]Tina Parker

Tina Parker

NurtureProgram Officer

Tina is a mum of 3 children all of which have spent time in either a SCN or a NICU.

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[image]Renée Sharpe

Renée Sharpe

Greater Sydney Area NurtureProgram Support Worker

Renée is mum to 3 year old Lachlan who was born 10 weeks early and spent time in the NICU/SCN up until his due date. 

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[image]Andrea Hendry

Andrea Hendry

QLD NurtureProgram Support Worker

Andrea Hendry Co-Founded Miracle Babies Foundation in 2005. Whilst working at Liverpool Public Hospital as a Registered Nurse Andrea, she went into early labour at 28 weeks and delivered her first son Steven at Liverpool Hospital.

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[image]Megan Norbury

Megan Norbury

WA NurtureProgram Support Worker

Miracle Mum to two children, Megan started as a volunteer at NurtureTime to 'give back' and support families walking a similar journey to hers.

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[image]Natalie Merida

Natalie Merida

NT NurtureProgram Support Worker

Natalie is a mum of twin boys who were born at 28 weeks and 6 days and spent over three months at Royal Darwin Hospital.

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