Renée Sharpe

[image]Renée Sharpe

Greater Sydney Area NurtureProgram Support Worker

Renée is mum to 3 year old Lachlan who was born 10 weeks early and spent time in the NICU/SCN up until his due date. There were complications due to his early arrival, and they were still coming to terms with an unexpected physical disability (Lachlan was born with no right hand or forearm due to Amniotic Band Syndrome). Renée knows the value of the Miracle Babies Foundation's support and resources having gone through such an emotional and challenging experience herself.

She has found that NurtureGroup's provide amazing emotional and practical support from people who have experienced similar concerns and fears 

She looks forward to getting to know all the families, and hope that through attending NurtureGroup you get to share experiences and form meaningful connections with each other, as your journey will be so much  easier and richer for it.

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