“Having spent three months in hospital in Melbourne, returning home with the twins was bittersweet.  I felt so isolated, and was longing for a group of people with whom I could relate to. Families that understand what we’ve been through, how emotional the journey is, and just how fragile our children are. NurtureGroup provided a sense of belonging for those families that have had similar experiences, and gives us the support we need to cope with ongoing issues.” Tamara Heinjus


“This week our baby girl officially got discharged from her Paediatrician with no ongoing health problems - after having been born at 26 weeks and only 1031grams! So to the Mums out there with babies in NICUs around the country at the moment - Miracles do happen! Miracle Babies Foundation Thank you for giving us hope when we thought all hope was lost - it is the most important thing you could have ever done for us!” Morgan Anslow


"I  had my son Darcy at the Royal Hospital for Women (Sydney) at 28 weeks, he ended up getting extremely unwell around his due date so we were in the NICU for 5 months. The group of mothers that I became great friends with had meetings & support from a wonderful lady named Denise (I think her little girl was Chloe) If it's possible through this email I would love to get a message to her to say thank you & to let her know what a terrific job she does getting mothers through the NICU roller coaster. I felt truly inspired by what Denise went through & her experience is what kept me going, knowing that there would eventually be light at the end of the tunnel! My son is now 13 months, almost 10 months corrected & he is a happy healthy bundle of joy, who we could never imagine life without. You guys are angles & if I lived in Australia I would love to become a part of it. I am from Norfolk Island so we were a very long way from home & because of work commitments my partner could only spend 1 week per month with us, so it was a very rough & lonely time, however your lovely little touches like the chocolates we received on Father's Day was so very touching & made things that little easier! Also your nurture book is fantastic it became my bible over the 5 months!  Thank you so much Denise and miracle babies; keep up the good work. Love from Stacey, Darcy and Jake x"


“Thank you so much for your Facebook Group. As I write this, I am sitting by the incubator of my son Tom who was born at 28 weeks at Mater Mothers South Brisbane and is battling Chronic Lung Disease is the NCCU. My partner and I have looked to your page as a resource and an inspiration. We love seeing pictures of the miracle babies all grown up and reading their stories. It gives us hope, which is the best medicine we have at the moment. Please know the positive effect you are having on families of miracle babies and how much we appreciate it. Blessings, Michelle, Jason, big brothers and baby Tom.” Michelle Worthington-Author


“Thankyou to the Miracle Babies Foundation. I had one of your volunteers visit me in the hospital just days before my little girl was born at 35 + 1 weeks. She is now 11weeks (6weeks corrected) and going strong.” Carly Goulding‎


Bringing Lachie back home after our five-month stay in Adelaide was very difficult – I had gotten used to life in the city, made a new group of friends and developed a support network – only to leave them all behind.  I felt isolated and struggled to adjust.  NurtureGroup provides NICU and SCN mums in Mount Gambier and surrounds the opportunity to connect with others who’ve experienced time in a nursery at our local hospital or the city” Sarah Cutting


 “Having a premature or sick baby that needs to spend time in the NICU or SCN is stressful and isolating. The journey often doesn't end after you leave the hospital; Nurture Group gives us support and helps connect parents who have shared this unique experience.” Jenni Crowther

“I am a mother of a little miracle ex 28 weeker. I am very thankful to Miracle Babies volunteers that I met in Westmead hospital last year. Especially Frances, a wonderful person. My daughter was born due to pre-eclampsia and IUGR weighing 472 grams. That time we had no idea what it meant to have a baby so small and weighing under 500 grams. Frances remained a constant source of information and gave me a Nurture book and heaps of support. Miracle babies is doing fabulous work by providing NurtureTime for parents in NICU and beyond. It gives me understanding, confidence and hope. Miracles do happen and mine is one of them.” Monendra Gooncha


My son was born at 38 weeks. We went home and everything was ok with the midwife visiting home. He was then diagnosed with a high case of Jaundice. He had to be admitted into hospital in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit for 5 days. For the first day as I was breast feeding had to keep traveling from home to hospital to feed many times a day. The nurses noticed my struggle and offered me the room that Miracle Babies built in Liverpool hospital next to the NICU. They let me use this for the remaining time while he was there. It was fantastic to spend all my time with my son instead of worrying about driving back and forth and paying for parking many times a day. I want to say thank you to Miracle Babies for building this room for parents to access while there babies are up in that unit. The time I got to spend with my son is unforgettable. Thank you again.” Samantha Corso

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