“For the 6 months following the premature birth of our daughter I felt so isolated and alone. Despite the love and support of family and friends I felt like no-one really understood, I felt disconnected and was spiralling into depression. Attending my first NurtureGroup session, I felt like a giant weight was lifted. There were people out there like me… plenty of them, and they all ‘got it’ – despite our varying journeys and situations, they all understood. (Some of my closest friendships have been formed over the past 4 years at NurtureGroup!)

Within months of that first session I knew I wanted to volunteer for MBF. Through volunteering for both NurtureGroup and NurtureTime I feel like I’m helping to connect these families with a whole network of people, all of whom ‘get it’. And providing them with a whole host of resources and information to assist them through their journey, and for the years beyond. I feel incredibly privileged to be able to provide families, just like ours, with that one-on-one support both in and out of hospital.” Caroline WIlkins-Davies, Mum and Miracle Babies NurtureProgram Volunteer.


"Through Volunteering I not only kick-started my career but I also made many strong life-long friendships" Alana Giddy, Human Resources Administration Volunteer


Our daughter was born at 32 weeks in 2010, after I was admitted to hospital with severe pre-eclampsia & HELLP syndrome, ending up in critical condition. We were transferred to the nearest available NNU at Flinders Medical Centre, almost 3hrs from home. While we were incredibly fortunate & came home by her due date, I felt the next 6months feeling incredibly disconnected from the usual mothers groups & playgroups. Initially I was looking to join the group for support & friendship; instead we ended up getting the SA branch up & running as part of the national roll out! The 3 or so of us that were initially hooked up together through MBF are still great friends, with our volunteer base expanding to include some wonderfully giving & compassionate people.” Heidi Hodge; Mum and NurtureProgram Volunteer


"I volunteer for Miracle Babies as I really like to help out other families who have been through similar situations to ours, even if their baby was not a premmie, but needed time in either NICU or SCN. Because when you have spent time in hospital with your baby, it is hard to relate to someone who hasn’t also been through it.” Lisa Morrison; Mum and Miracle Babies NurtureProgram Volunteer.


“After the truly life changing and most challenging weeks of my life in the NICU I really felt that I wanted to support other parents going through the same experience. As I’ve said too many parents already – unless you’ve experienced time in the NICU you can never completely appreciate what happens there.” Lani Fisher; Mum and Miracle Babies NurtureProgram Volunteer


“I had so many questions and concerns that no one could really answer the way I wanted them too. I wanted to make sure that if anyone else felt this way, they could attend NurtureGroup and relate to other families who were also feeling their pain or had walked the same path.” Jenny Lozenkovski; Mum and Miracle Babies NurtureProgram Volunteer


I enjoy the team spirit shared with the other Miracle Babies Volunteers and enjoy feeling like a valued team member. I enjoy the support we receive from all the lovely staff who seem to work tirelessly in Head Office. I hope I am making at least a small difference in the lives of some parents who have a baby in NICU.” Liz Squire; Mum and Miracle Babies NurtureProgram Volunteer


“I volunteer so that I can help sick and premmie babies and their families and to help the community. This is extremely rewarding and I work with nice people.” Sandra Fuller; Practical Support Volunteer in Head Office


I volunteer so I can make a difference for the families of the babies. My role of money collecting is rewarding to me, knowing that the monies raised and the amounts that I collect are going to a good cause.” Antonella Lipoma; Practical Support Volunteer in Head Office


“To provide a support network that I could not find when I needed it the most and suffered the standard sleep deprivation, shock at my changed life, unprepared for new knowledge about NICU’s, SCN, good nurses and my beautiful friends with Full term bubs best intentions to “help” when really I just needed to find someone who gets the unplanned journey that I was on. Living on the Gold Coast and being one of many mums who are ambulanced to Brisbane and sent back to the Gold Coast without your baby to do find suitable support on our own.” Rachael Hinton, Mum and Miracle Babies NurtureProgram and Gold Coast Liaison


“I love being a volunteer at Miracle Babies, I am one of those people who loves to put up their hand and help anyway I can. I get to meet great people and to feel that I am making a difference. With Miracle Babies I feel that I am part of a great team and it is a lovely environment to volunteer in, with lots of different volunteering roles.“ Nicole Hext; Mum, Miracle Babies NurtureProgram Volunteer and now Receptionist.



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