Aquazip Australia supporting Miracle Babies and sharing their overwhelming family story

The journey of having a premature or sick newborn is a devastating and challenging journey for the whole family unit. The impact of this life changing experience is felt by not only the mothers and fathers, but also their surrounding friends and family – including siblings, grandparents, uncles and aunts.

Tamara is one aunt who remembers the incredibly tough journey she went through with her sister and brother in-law who celebrated the arrival of their twin girls Charlotte and Madeleine, but then had to say a very sad goodbye to little Charlotte a few hours later.

For this reason, Tamara’s swimwear company, AquaZip Australia, is honouring baby Charlotte with the release of a special swimwear print dedicated to her memory. And as a part of our amazing Miracle Community, Tamara is supporting other families with a portion of the Charlotte swimsuit sales going to the Miracle Babies Foundation.

Tamara shares the story of Charlotte and Madeleine’s arrival and her family’s journey through the NICU.

“On the 29th of May 2016, I became an Aunt for the first time, it was also the day our family experienced a devastating loss. My twin nieces Charlotte and Madeleine were born at 24 weeks gestation breathing, however it was unlikely that Charlotte would survive longer than a few hours. I remember questioning if I would be able to hold Charlotte when she was born or if it would be too traumatic, but as soon as we walked into the delivery room all those thoughts disappeared and I felt compelled to meet and hold my beautiful, perfect little niece for the first and last time. I’m so glad I did, it is a moment I will cherish forever. 

However, not saying congratulations to my sister Alyssa and her husband Pete is something I will always regret, our family had never experienced anything of this magnitude.  It was the wonderful seasoned NICU nurses who were the first to congratulate Alyssa and Pete on becoming parents, which was our first realisation that they were parents and their little girl Madeleine fighting for life in the NICU needed them.

The NICU was a life altering experience.  It was so calm, yet so noisy and busy.  There were families side by side going through a roller coaster of emotions, small wins, unbelievable miracles and devastating loss. Each family’s experiences were different, yet equally as frightening.

I remember holding Maddie for the very first time.  It was a surreal and daunting experience, I wanted to hold her forever, yet was very anxious that being away from her specialised crib was going to do some sort of damage.  She was so tiny and yet unbelievably strong.  She had come so far already and fought hard so many times to overcome all the obstacles life kept throwing at her. I wanted her to be safe, I didn’t want her to suffer anymore and I just wanted to protect her from everything. She had come so far, but she still had such a long way to go.

Before Madeleine and Charlotte’s early arrival, we never really knew much about the NICU and even less about the wonderful work of Miracle Babies Foundation. We knew some babies were unfortunately born unwell and needed attention, but we had no idea how many babies require significant support from the NICU.  The number of NICU babies at Royal North Shore Hospital was unimaginable to me, let alone this being the same for hospitals all over Australia.

Families in the NICU require a lot of support and my sister and Pete were no exception.  Through those very tough days they relied on the nurses and doctors immensely.  They forged lifelong friendships with other NICU families going through the same difficult experiences

Today, Madeleine is a normal three year old.  She is funny, cute, beautiful and smart.  She is a treasure to our family.  Charlotte will always live on in Maddie and our entire family, her very short time on earth has impacted our family’s lives immensely.

We are delighted to partner with Miracle Babies for the release of our ‘Charlotte’ swimsuit range. The Charlotte print (worn by her sister Maddie in the pictures) is a tribute to my beautiful niece and has been chosen to support Miracle Babies to continue assisting families of premature babies. For every Charlotte suit sold we, Aquazip Australia, will donate 5% to the Miracle Babies Foundation as a small gesture of appreciation for all they’ve done and continue to do.

We will never truly be able to thank the North Shore Hospital NICU staff and devoted organisations like Miracle Babies Foundation, for everything they did to support Madeleine and Charlotte, we hope that this tribute allows them to continue supporting families like ours in the future.”


The Charlotte swimsuit is Australian made and designed and features environmentally sustainable Italian Fabric which is 78% Recycled Polyester. It is available for purchase online now at the Aquazip Australia website HERE.


Miracle Babies

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