Important information for families during COVID-19 pandemic

Important information for our community and supporters

As Australia faces the reality of self-isolation and social-distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic, it’s important we still stick together as a community, even though we may be apart.  

“We are aware of the uncertainty and heightened anxiety from our families and right across our community at this time.  It has been a challenging start to 2020, with bushfires, floods and the current COVID-19 outbreak – it is now more than ever that we need to care for each other, even from a distance!  The health of our miracle community, supporters, families, friends and our health care workers needs is vital at this time.”  Kylie Pussell, CEO said.

Miracle Babies Foundation is working with hospitals, families and our Program staff and volunteers to continue supporting our miracle community during the ever-evolving coronavirus outbreak.


NurtureTime Online sessions available for all

As of 20th March we have suspended our NurtureGroups nationally and will continue to review this every 2 weeks to evaluate the situation and assess risks in the best interest of safe health for all our community.

In light of this, and considering Neonatal Intensive Care Units are closed to only parental visitors, we will be offering several weekly NurtureTime Online sessions. These will be available for our NurtureGroup attendees also, should you wish to join.

Our NurtureProgram teams will be conducting these live ZOOM sessions for all families nationally to connect and be supported during these difficult times. The health and safety of our miracle babies and their families is our priority as well as our aim to continue to deliver our vision during this health risk.

“During these difficult times and with social distancing guidelines, it’s important we stay connected and care for each other.  Our NurtureTime Online sessions are a great way to meet and share your journey with other NICU/SCN families whilst protecting the health of your family through our ZOOM sessions,” says Kylie Pussell. 

Places are limited, so REGISTER HERE

Miracle Babies NurtureLine will also remain available and accessible 24 hours 7 days a week.Please call 1300 622 243 (1300 MBABIES).


Empower yourself with knowledge
The current climate of uncertainty around coronavirus can bring out feelings of fear and anxiety. The best way to counter these unfamiliar times is by empowering yourself with helpful information. We have sourced useful information about COVID-19 from the National Perinatal Association for general community awareness. If symptoms arise, please seek medical attention.

  • Pregnancy & Breastfeeding (according to data published in The Lancet):
    • Clinical symptoms of coronavirus, such as a cough, fever and shortness of breath, reported in pregnant women with a confirmed COVID-19 infection is similar to those reported in non-pregnant women.
    • Even when mothers were infected, no virus was detected in Nasopharyngeal swabs of the baby, amniotic fluid, cord milk and breast milk.
    • The risk of vertical transmission while pregnant is low.
    • Pregnant women with the COVID-19 infection had fewer complications and adverse outcomes than would be anticipated for those with SARS-CoV-1 infection.
    • Because of the risk of developing severe pneumonia, pregnant women and newborn babies should be considered key at-risk populations.
    • Homology modelling predicts pathogenesis that is not likely to pass the virus from parent to fetus.
    • If you’re pregnant follow routine prevention – wash your hands and stay away from people who are sick.
    • Breast milk provides protection against many illnesses. Keep giving your baby milk even if you’re sick. There are rare exceptions, ask your healthcare team. 

For more information on pregnancy and breastfeeding during the COVID-19 pandemic, including links to research articles, please visit the National Perinatal Associations website HERE.

Healthdirect symptoms checker
Healthdirect Australia has developed a COVID-19 Symptom Checker, an online self-guided tool to help people find out if they need to seek medical help.


As frontline medical staff, testing clinics and the National Coronavirus Helpline are overwhelmed with people anxious about their health letting people know that they can quickly assess their situation will help alleviate pressure on many fronts.

The COVID-19 Symptom Checker includes questions about travel history, contact with known cases and the clinical symptoms associated with COVID-19, including fever, sore throat, cough and shortness of breath. It provides people with advice on what they should do next, such as calling ahead before a visit to a GP or emergency department.

Healthdirect Australia has also worked with the Department of Health to establish the Coronavirus Health Information Line (1800 020 080) to provide non-clinical information about COVID-19.

The normal Healthdirect helpline (1800 022 222) is triaging people calling with symptoms.


Make sure no one goes through this journey alone
Every day in Australia, there are 132 babies born requiring specialised medical care in a NICU or SCN. These babies and families are at their most vulnerable and with the current health situation, this places our families at even greater risk of fear, isolation, anxiety and depression. We need your help to help us continue to provide support and work together to provide a positive impact on our miracle babies and their families. As we adapt to the current situation and develop relevant and current support platforms for all our families, we need your help. Families having a premature or sick baby is not stopping, our miracle babies and families need our help and we can’t stop either.

Please donate, we all need to believe in miracles! Please donate today and join our Mission for Miracles – a small amount each week can go a long way. We can do this together and make sure that ‘no one has to go through this alone.’



Finally, continue to wash hands (with water, soap and for 20 seconds), avoid large gatherings, self-isolate as much as possible and follow the guidelines of your local state health departments. Stay safe, take care and reach out if you need.



Miracle Babies Foundation

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