More support for South Australian families with premature or sick newborns

Helping parents and carers of premature or sick newborns find a place where they can share their experiences with other parents in a similar situation is vital to improving their wellbeing once out of hospital.

Feelings of loneliness and isolation can become a real problem for Miracle parents, many of whom may not have others they can connect with who understand what they’ve been through. This is why our NurtureGroups are so important to help provide the essential support these Miracle mums, dads and carers need.

Miracle Babies NurtureGroups are free out of hospital play and support groups for families and carers who have experienced the birth of a premature or sick newborn. Health professionals such as a speech therapist, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, social worker and family support nurse attend NurtureGroups to provide information, assistance and advice on the children’s development.

We are so excited to announce the launch of a new NurtureGroup. South Australian families trying to cope with the journey of having a premature baby or sick newborn will be able to access help from two support groups in Adelaide thanks to a grant from BankSA Foundation.

"I'm proud to be part of BankSA in supporting such a worthwhile service for families in Adelaide and Northern suburbs with a premature or sick newborn. It was very special to join NurtureGroup and meet with families getting supported by Miracle Babies," says Jenny Riley from BankSA. 

The new NurtureGroup at Salisbury Plains will provide a safe play and support program for families with children aged 0-6 years who are affected by prematurity or illness.

"Reconnecting with mums that had the same journey is nice outside of the hospital walls. Connection to other families with a shared experience and help with development of my son is important," said Miracle Mum, Claire Gehringer at the launch event.

The grant from BankSA Foundation – which is driven by BankSA staff donations – will support the current Paradise NurtureGroup and the new Salisbury Plains NurtureGroup with toys, resources, volunteer recruitment and training, venue and cleaning costs, catering, project management and allied health costs.

BankSA Chief Executive, Nick Reade, said the funding grants to small charitable organisations like Miracle Babies Foundation are making a huge difference to South Australians in need.

 “The $40,000 grant to Miracle Babies Foundation will ultimately provide care and support for up to 600 young children and their families in Adelaide’s northern suburbs,” he said.

 “These NurtureGroups are playing a crucial role, not only in providing a reassuring, positive environment for children, but also as a place for parents and carers to meet, share stories and build support networks.”

 It will become Miracle Babies Foundation’s second NurtureGroup in South Australia, building on the success of the inaugural NurtureGroup at Paradise.

The current impact of Miracle Babies Foundation NurtureGroups is clear when you speak with parents already using the support service.

"NurtureGroup has helped build long lasting friendships with others who have had a similar experience with their baby. Sharee (The NG support worker) is the most attentive supporter we’ve ever met. And there’s always Tim Tams and coffee," says Miracle Mum Rhiannon at the launch event.

"I really like having a place I can go where people understand the journey we've been through. My son fits in without any judgment and we all celebrate each other’s milestones. Noah is thriving and his confidence has grown so much since coming to NurtureGroup. Sharee is also the best," says Miracle Mum, Jamie-Lee at the launch event.

Kylie Pussell, CEO and Co-Founder of Miracle Babies Foundation, says, “We help families when they are at their most vulnerable. Through our programs and resources Miracle Babies help them navigate the very scary world of welcoming a premature or sick newborn into the world”.

“We are so grateful to BankSA Foundation for supporting our NurtureGroups, empowering families through the challenges of this life-changing journey.”



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