Officeworks Punchbowl supporting local families

Officeworks Round Up to Make A Difference campaign helping local Miracle families

For the second year in a row, Officeworks Punchbowl has supported the Miracle Babies Foundation in their Round Up to Make A Difference campaign throughout June.

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“At Officeworks Punchbowl we are aiming to make bigger things happen for the Miracle Baby Foundation during the month of June, to help make a difference and support premature and sick newborns along with their families,” says Cassandra, Duty Manager of the Punchbowl store.

Round Up to Make a Difference, is a small change program designed to create a meaningful way of raising funds in the local community.

The objective is to raise funds by asking customers to ‘round-up’ to the nearest dollar when making a purchase. For example, if a purchase cost $9.95, it would be rounded up to $10.00 and the 5-cents goes into the fundraising collection tally. (7).jpg

The funds raised during the initiative get donated back into a local community group, so both customers and team members can see the direct impact of the donations.

When our Miracle Babies team visited the store for the launch of the campaign, we realised how close the Miracle Babies cause is for many of the staff members, who shared their own experiences with us. For staff member, Cassandra, the experience of an early birth is extra close to her heart because she was born premature.


“I arrived 6 weeks early at 34 weeks,” says Cassandra.

“I was sent to the Special Care Nursery as I was premature and developed a serious case of a jaundice as well as having issues regulating my own body heat.

“Prior to my birth my mum endured the loss of my elder brother at 25 weeks gestation.

“All too often people dismiss the severity of premature births and the impact it causes to the family, via separation, anxiety and sometimes grief when things don’t work out.

“By getting behind this Foundation it raises awareness and shows that people actually care, that there is someone out there willing to lend a helping hand.

“Without the foundation, families will struggle just like my parents did.”

This year it was clear Officeworks Punchbowl went the extra mile by wanting to help the Miracle Babies Foundation support local families struggling with the birth of a premature of sick baby. The passion and dedication from all the team members was instant as you walked into the store. From personalised donation cards proudly displayed in the front windows of the entryway, to balloons, merchandise and decorations throughout the store, and even a special visit from their mascot Ollie. We were immensely impressed with the effort and commitment shown towards the Miracle Babies cause. (5).jpg

Ollie bear.jpg (9).jpg

It is a cause that clearly touched the Punchbowl community because they managed to raise a massive $8485.20!

We’d like to thank Officeworks Punchbowl  and all their amazing customers for their continued support of our Foundation, and for helping to support so many local babies and their families going through a very tough journey. (6).jpg (8).jpg



Miracle Babies Foundation

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