Supporting Miracle Dads and Multicultural Families

We’re delighted brand new Dads and families can now access vital information to support their journey with their premature or sick babies. Thanks to Liverpool City Council’s generous support and funding, our ‘Dear Dad’ flyer will be available for fathers as they enter the NICU/SCN.Funding has also provided our ‘Advice for Extended Family & Friends’ flyer to be translated into nine languages and available to local families.

“These flyers will provide Dads and families with information, guidance and strength.” says Kylie Pussell, CEO of Miracle Babies. “As well as supporting parents’ wellbeing, they also help family and friends to create a connected support network, which is essential for the journey ahead.”

Liverpool is one of Australia’s most linguistically diverse and multicultural regions, with languages spoken (other than English) including Arabic, Hindi, Vietnamese, Spanish and Serbian. With up to 1000 babies admitted to Liverpool Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) each year, these resources will support new fathers as well as countless extended family and friends.

The emotional and mental wellbeing of parents is critical to provide sick and premature babies with the best possible start in life. But as well as feeling isolated and overwhelmed while their babies are in the NICU, some families face a challenging road ahead with ongoing health concerns even after their little ones come home. Without support, the experience can cause significant psychological distress and a high percentage of parents develop depression in the year following a premature birth.

Both flyers were developed by Miracle Babies Foundation in consultation with NICU healthcare staff, allied health professionals and parents with first-hand experience. The ‘Dear Dad’ flyer appeals directly to fathers, encouraging them to share feelings and connecting them with resources to build a support network within the community. ‘Advice for Extended Family & Friends’ provides information on how to help families with a child in the NICU. Many families report feeling lonely and isolated after leaving the hospital environment, so equipping extended family and friends with knowledge on building a connected support network is important to ensure mental health and emotional wellbeing for the entire family.

Both flyers are available in the following languages:





          Simplified Chinese

          Traditional Chinese





 dear dad flyer2translated FlyerFor your copy of the ‘Dear Dad’ or ‘Advice for Extended Family & Friends’ flyers, contact Miracle Babies Foundation.

24 Hour Family Support 1300 622 643 (1300 MBABIES)


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