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On the 11th of March 2000 I began experiencing contractions at 23 weeks and 4 days and was very upset as we had lost our first baby at 22 weeks. I rushed to our local hospital and was immediately put on a drip to try and stop the labour and given my first steroid injection and transported to the John Hunter Hospital NICU. My husband met all the wonderful Staff and toured the NICU unit and I laboured away as we were told it was good for a premmie's lungs to be born naturally. However, just before my second steroid injection was due my water broke and the cord prolapsed and I was rushed into theatre for an emergency caesarean and my beautiful son was born weighing a very tiny 680 grams.

 He was immediately whisked away to NICU as he had to be revived his heart rate was only 10 beats a minute when he was born. The Doctor apologised to us because he said he thought he had done the wrong thing by us by saving Josh as he would most likely be very deaf / blind and extremely disabled. When given the choice to try and save our baby we said yes, as had already said good-bye to one baby. 

It wasn't an easy road and in total Josh was in Hospital 117 days and ventilated for 85 of those days. He had numerous infections and blood transfusions. On day 3 he had a brain haemorrhage, the worst grade which the Drs thought he would not recover from, thankfully it clotted and resolved after a week. He had to have 2 lots of laser surgery for Retinopathy of Prematurity. It was hard emotionally as he would literally die and have to be revived countless times a day, we got sick of being ushered out as they worked on him and felt we spent more time pacing the corridor. 

Josh came home on oxygen for about 2 months and was gradually weaned and then his first winter he contracted Bronchiolitis which put him back on oxygen for another 2 months. I can say the Doctor did do the right thing by us by saving our precious miracle boy and thanks to the very wonderful staff he is now a very happy healthy 11 year old. He is deaf and has had 2 Cochlear implants and suffers from Cerebral Palsy affecting mainly his legs, it is mild considering how bad it could have been. He is still tiny at 11 and weighs about 30 kilos we feel very blessed to have our very own walking talking Miracle Boy.

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