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On the 6th March 2009 my son, Levi, was born at 23 weeks 5 days weighing 580g. My waters had broken at 21 weeks and 4 days and I had "hung on" for two weeks with cautious hope that maybe this little baby boy could survive. After a couple of weeks Levi developed multiple infections and ended up on a high frequency ventilator (like Angel Breaths but a little less advanced). The incredible microbiologists at King Edward worked out the type of infection and Levi recovered. Levi continued to be ventilated as the infections set him back getting off the ventilator. After a couple of courses of steroids Levi finally was able to go onto CPAP and he never looked back. 5 weeks on CPAP and he then went to standard 02. He continued to grow and flourish and I was able to breastfeed him a little after 10 weeks of expressing. I waited 5 weeks for my first cuddle with Levi and it was incredible to finally hold this tiny little man on my heart. During the time we couldn't hold him we sang to him, tended to his "cares", used cotton buds dipped in my breast milk to wet his lips and mouth and I chose his clothes every day. Levi required hernia repair and laser eye surgery to correct ROP. After 5 and half months at KEMH we were finally able to take Levi Lionheart home. He came home on oxygen which was challenging but definitely worth it to get him home. He came off oxygen after 6 months. He is now a happy and generally healthy 2 year old. He is a little behind with his speech and has had physio and OT to bring him up to a normal range for his motor skills. He brings incredible joy to our lives every day and it is never lost on us how lucky we are.

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