24 Weeks

[image]Indianna Elizabeth

Indianna Elizabeth

My name is Indiana and I was a twin. I was born at 24 weeks gestation. That's 4 months before my mum is supposed to have me, 16 weeks early. I'm what you call a micro preemie baby. That is a premature baby born before 26 weeks gestation.

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I was admitted to John Hunter Children’s Hospital at 20wks after I had some bleeding. Ultrasounds showed that everything appeared to be ok, Grace was small but well and no other problems could be detected to explain the bleed. The bleeding continued and every 3rd or 4th day I would have another.

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Seven years ago I never thought my baby girl would ever survive.  If you looked at the length of your spoon that's how tiny she was and she weighed 700grams.  She was born 16weeks premature. 

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Hello my name is Jane and I am so eternally thankful to be the mother of an exceptional little boy named Billy, born prematurely at just 24 weeks.

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On the 10th January 2011 at 23+4 weeks I arrived at Nepean Hospital with slight bleeding and was found through an ultrasound to be 3 cm dilated, I was given steroid injections to help our baby’s lungs.

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[image]Madeleine and Charlotte

Madeleine and Charlotte

I had a completely unremarkable pregnancy; everything was going along exactly as it should be. The girls, which we had already named Madeleine and Charlotte, were the perfect size and developing beautifully. I had a scan at 22 weeks and everything was completely ok, I had no symptoms or signs of what was to come very soon.

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Evie was born at 24weeks due to chorioamnionitis, weighing 652g and born in the middle of the night at a hospital that wasn’t equipped for a premature birth.

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[image]Sophie and Emily

Sophie and Emily

After being told to go on bed red rest and spending a week in hospital at 19 weeks, Miracle parents, Elarny and Anthony prepared themselves for what they were told would be a high risk pregnancy.

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I was put on immediate bed rest and the nurses and doctors worked extra hard to keep my little one in. However, after a week I spontaneously went back into labour and delivered our son Kingsley at 24 weeks. He was 775grams. 

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The doctors told us she didn't have much hope, she was too small, her lungs were too immature. But two and a half months later this warrior baby was off oxygen, taking half of her feeds by mouth, and weighed 5pounds 2oz.

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I was immediately transferred to Liverpool hospital by ambulance still unaware of what was actually going on or just how serious it was about to get. I was told at about midnight that jack was most likely coming in the next few hours and the chances of his survival and long term health outcomes were fairly low considering he was only 24 weeks and a small baby.

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When I arrived with my husband Graeme at the hospital I was informed I was 4cm dilated and that my son would be born that day. We were informed of the odds of survival, major and minor disabilities and to prepare ourselves.

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As I was wheeled into the NICU my heart was heavy. I had never imagined I would meet my baby alive. She was so tiny and hooked up to a big machine and had a breathing tube down her throat. I felt so helpless. I couldn't do anything to help my girl.

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18 hours had passed and my body hadn't reacted to the induction and I was taken in for an emergency cesarean. At that point we didn't know if Evanna was alive but we remained hopeful. At 10:13am on the 14th of August we delivered our little miracle born at just 700grams and breathing on her own for ten minutes, she was ready to fight from day one.

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