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Miracle mum, Jovana had to beg several hospitals to help save her baby's life when her waters broke at 22 weeks. She shares the story of how she fought for her 'warrior baby'.

"My waters broke on a Thursday when I was 22 weeks pregnant. Never did I imagine I would have to beg a hospital to save my baby's life. I went to three different hospitals before I got hope, hope that my baby will be resuscitated after delivery. I was heart broken, I was told I had to wait until Thursday before they could save her.

I had the longest weekend, but on Sunday that same week I stopped feeling my baby girl moving. I went to the hospital and was admitted, she still had to stay inside for five more days before they could save her. That week they gave me my first steroids shot.

At 24 weeks and 5 days, 22 days after my waters broke, I deliver our beautiful baby girl via c-section. She weighted 1 pound 5.7oz at birth.

The hardest part wasn't the delivery, or the fact that I didn't get to see her until seven hours after she was born, or even that I couldn't hold her until day nine. The hardest part was seeing her fight for her life. Grabbing on to every hope, and beating the odds as they came her way.

The doctors told us she didn't have much hope, she was too small, her lungs were too immature. But two and a half months later this warrior baby was off oxygen, taking half of her feeds by mouth, and weighed 5pounds 2oz, 

Thank you Miracle Babies Foundation for helping my family through these hard times."

Thank you Jovana for sharing your story.

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