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On the 10th January 2011 at 23+4 weeks I arrived at Nepean Hospital with slight bleeding and was found through an ultrasound to be 3 cm dilated, I was given steroid injections to help our baby’s lungs. We hoped and prayed that through bed rest that our little one would stay inside for a little longer. I was placed on strict bed rest with my hips tilted up to try and delay the labour and was only allowed up to shower and use the bathroom.

On the 19th of January 2011 at 2am my membranes ruptured and I lay in bed hoping that we could maybe just get a few more days. I had two scans that day that both came back that my baby was 534 grams but doing ok, I thought how tiny this little baby would be if it came today. At 6.45pm I started to get quite sharp pains and was rushed down to delivery suite, they found that I was 7cm dilated and at 7.55pm I vaginally delivered our beautiful baby boy Callum James Gibbons who let out a little cry.

The NICU Doctors worked on him and he was taken away with my husband to the NICU. At 12pm I finally got to see our little boy who weighed 810 grams, 34 cm long and 22.5cm head circumference which was a great size for his gestation. I thought he was just so beautiful. We had him Baptised the day after he was born by our priest that had married us in 2009 and we all prayed he would be ok.

Callum like all premmies had his up and downs during his NICU journey including Respiratory Distress, Chronic Lung Disease, Infections, Collapsed lungs, Reflux and Retinopathy of Prematurity. He was ventilated for 37 days and by day 73 he was on nasal oxygen. He also had a little steroid puffer to help his little lungs.

On the 11th May 2011 after 116 days in the NICU at Nepean Hospital Callum was allowed home still requiring oxygen which he is still currently on to help with his Chronic Lung Disease and 3 medications. Without the love, help and support from all the dedicated Doctors and Nurses at Nepean NICU I don’t know how we would have gotten through this emotional journey. Coming close to losing your baby is the hardest and most emotional journey ever. Callum is now 5 weeks corrected age and will be 5 months next week and we thank god every day for our beautiful baby boy.

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