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My name is Indiana and I was a twin. I was born at 24 weeks gestation. That's 4 months before my mum is supposed to have me, 16 weeks early. I'm what you call a micro preemie baby. That is a premature baby born before 26 weeks gestation. The day I was born I was a mere 400 grams that's not even a pound (0.88) I was 25cm long from head to toe. I was born not breathing due to the caesarean causing distress; I was revived twice and shot straight down to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit where I was placed in an Incubator. It was said I wouldn't survive the first half hour but I did. Then the night and again I did beating the Dr's odds. That's where my journey begins, where I took the race and won with my mummy head cheerleader and family and friends backing her and I up. The Dr's and nurses ran the race with me, helping me up when I stumbled and carrying me until I could take over.

Breathing Machines. I was immediately put on a ventilator to do the breathing for me I was on the ventilator for 9 days. I was then on a Bipap machine (a form of CPAP) which helped keep my lungs open so I could breathe better for about 3 ½ weeks. From there I was put on HiFlow for 5 weeks. I was doing so well with that machine they thought they would try to give me a go on Low flow, I went backwards though I wasn't ready that night I scared mummy I turned blue and had to be bagged with ventilation. Mummy say's I'm not allowed to turn smurf colour ever again. I was put back on HiFlow again for a little while and back on low flow, I did much better and that's where I stayed until a week before I came home I was oxygen freee!!!!!!!! YAY!

Some Problems That I Battled. Like sand in an hour glass those are the days of our lives. JOKING. Mum is weird. It was a long time in NICU. Mum says I beat to my own drum. I knock the Drs and Nurses off their feet. The first major problem: I was born at 24 weeks! My mum had BP issues and reverse cord flow so I stopped growing. I was born 400 grams. This is commonly known as IUGR. My mother was not on illegal drugs not dieting and not drinking. She spent first half of pregnancy in and out of hospital and the second until I was born in long stay. Problems after that: I suffer from chronic lung disease from being so premature I had under developed lungs. I had three bleeds on my brain they said would kill me, yeah, kill me I'm still chillin like a villain! Those bleeds no longer exist! YES! I had three holes in my heart! No surgery needed for two of them they healed themselves they're known as PDA's. The third hole is still there and there is talk of surgery we just have to wait until I grow a bit bigger and a bit stronger! In the end of my journey I got an eye condition called ROP this meant further stay in my bed at NICU while we waited to see If my eyes would get better. They did. :) I had some minor problems like jaundice and anaemia and many more but they were fixed with lights and medication.

Finally Home I had a total of about 17 things going against me while I was there many big some small but I overcome them. I finally come home at 42 weeks and 6 days! 128 day stay in NICU. My mummy was so proud to get me home I was off all breathing machines and was fully bottle fed. I still take each day at a time have multiple DR's looking after me. I'm Indiana and I was a twin. My sister died two days before we were both born she weighed 390 grams and she was 25 cm long just like me. Mummy say's we looked the same. :) When people see giraffes they think of Marleigh. I know I’ll grow up knowing how awesome she was and how much she had to fight to keep herself here just like I have to everyday.

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