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Seven years ago I never thought my baby girl would ever survive.  If you looked at the length of your spoon that's how tiny she was and she weighed 700grams.  She was born 16weeks premature. 

I still remember the day she was born like it was yesterday.  I was working at Canterbury Hospital as a Registered Nurse when suddenly I started having contractions and was rushed straight to the maternity ward.  The midwife was trying to prolong the delivery because we were waiting for the NETS team to arrive.  Unfortunately, I could not wait for the NETS team and Keira was born.  The anaesthetist quickly intubated her and not long after the NETS team arrived.  They worked on her for 10hrs and eventually transferred her from Canterbury Hospital to Liverpool Hospital.  From there she began her 4month stay in the hospital.

Every day was a constant struggle and joyous at the same time.  I lost count after the 10th time I saw her being resuscitated.  That was the worst feeling.  Anything else that went wrong didn’t matter to me as long as she was alive.  I guess I think this way because I have lost a child previously at 22 weeks gestation. She went through a lot of medical problems but eventually overcame each obstacle when she was ready.  She had hypothermia, chronic lung disease, Patent ductus arteriosus, stricture of the caecum with persistent abdominal distension, sepsis, anaemia, Interventricular haemorrhage and Retinopathy of prematurity. 

I kept myself busy by writing journals and bought a camera and took a photo every day. 

Finally, the DAY has arrived to take her home.  I was very excited.  Her first 2 years she was a frequent flyer at Westmead Children’s Hospital but nevertheless she has pulled through. 

Now, she has turned 7 last January 30, 2012.  She still has asthma and slightly behind in school mainly in Mathematics.  She is beautiful, loving, and sociable and excels in sports.

Although she had a lot of complications it was joyous to see that every day I wake up she is still alive. One thing I learned throughout this journey is not to look at the past or the future but to take each day as it comes because every day is a constant battle and at the end of the day knowing that she is still alive is another miracle day for my miracle baby.

Keira Mendez Mateariki

Born January 30, 2005

Written by Melanie Mendez Mateariki

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