Sophie and Emily


After being told to go on bed red rest and spending a week in hospital at 19 weeks, Miracle parents, Elarny and Anthony prepared themselves for what they were told would be a high risk pregnancy.

Though still not prepared for the journey that awaited, Elarny had to make the trip to Sydney once a week for scans and monitoring of their Twin Babies twin-to-twin-Transfusion-Syndrome (TTTS) and a shortened Cervix.

One morning at 23 weeks and 6 days gestation, Elarny awoke to severe cramping pains, it was established at Canberra hospital that her twins had transitioned into stage two of the TTTS. After an attempt of extracting some amniotic fluid, she was flown to Randwick and at 24 weeks + 1 day Elarny went into early labour to deliver her twin baby girls.

Elarny delivered both of her girls by Emergency C Section, both weighing just 625g, the exact same birth weight at the doctors amazement. Both girls spent two and a half months in the NICU at Randwick before transferring to Canberra, and spent the remainder of their days in SCN.

They were discharged one day after their due date and now live out a health normal childhood as three year old toddlers with mum and dad.

Thank you Elarny and Anthony for sharing your story.


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