25 Weeks



My little miracle was born on 12.04.2011, he was born at 26+5 weeks weighing 1070 grams (reasonably big for his prematurity), and he stayed in hospital for 13 weeks.

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My pregnancy was moving along without any hitches, I had reached the magic 12 week mark, was feeling really well and it was the week of Christmas celebrations. On Christmas Eve I was 12 1/2 weeks pregnant when my world came crashing down, I started to haemorrhage and was placed on strict bed rest for at least 1 week.

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My partner Darren and I had just bought a house when we found out we were pregnant, we were quite shocked as we hadn't been trying, but what better way to move into a brand new house knowing it was the start of our future together as a family. It was my first pregnancy and so I bought all the books and loved every minute of being pregnant.

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My pregnancy started in a typical way, but I don't think I could ever have expected or been prepared for the journey we were about to experience. I had a positive test, morning (or all day) sickness, exhaustion and lots of excitement.

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Hi my name is Nicole and I have had the experience of a lifetime.  My daughter Maddison was born prem at 25 weeks and 4 days.

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coming out. We thought we were going to lose our baby.

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Like most couples the news of your first pregnancy is such a precious and memorable time. I remember feeling so relaxed after my 20 week scan and really looked forward to worrying less and watching my belly grow! Little did I know that 3 weeks later, it was all about to change.

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Lara Rose was delivered at 25+4 weeks  weighing just 860g (lowest weight 748g). Lara and her family will spend Christmas 2017 between NICU and Ronald McDonald House with their two eldest children.

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[image]Hanna and Riley

Hanna and Riley

Our family consists of a 3 year old daughter, Adelyn and twin daughters Hanna and Riley who were born 14 weeks premature in February this year- 2018. My girls are the reason I decided to share our journey and I believe us mums need to stick together and support one another, as to put it bluntly, being a mum is tough.

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After spending almost 3 weeks in hospital on bed rest with complications stemming from a haemorrhage at 13 weeks, I went into labour when our baby was 25 + 2 weeks gestation. Darcy Hope was born on 7/6/13, weighing just 572 grams. 

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You have shown me, since you were born, that nothing, absolutely NOTHING is impossible, and I do believe in it too; well YOU have showed me it! You teach me it every single day

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[image]Tillie and Brayden

Tillie and Brayden

Our obstetrician explained to us they have done everything they can to prolong my pregnancy and if I go into labour before 24 weeks it is considered a non-viable pregnancy and they won’t intervene to save our babies. With doubt in her voice, our obstetrician said she hoped to see us in 1.5 weeks for our next appointment.

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I can't begin to express the range of emotions we as mothers go through. The worse possibilities always play in our heads - which does effect your milk supply.

All I can say is ~ be strong mamas. It is easier said than done but keep a positive mindset.

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At just 19 weeks I woke in the middle of the night and found myself in a puddle of water. I asked my mum to take me to the hospital where they told me my waters had broken and there was very very little chance of my baby making it the next 48 hours and that I would be delivering a baby that would not survive.

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From the moment he was born, we knew in our hearts he was going to be a little fighter and he didn’t prove us wrong.

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These NICU nurses are amazing. They had to hold their tears in when I came in on my bed just to see my boy, who had no name at the time.

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Seeing Raegan's micro-preemie body hooked up to machines and tubes and wires induced intense anxiety in me. It was a surreal moment that didn’t feel as though it belonged to me. My heart was so full, yet so broken. I could have never imagined how much love I would feel for her the moment she was born. 

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My baby Zoey was born at 25 weeks because of pre-eclampsia. I had a tough time in the NICU and was finally able to come home after 4 months. 

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The best day was day 50 when Arie went into an open cot and wore clothes for the first time! Arie finally got to come home after 100 days on his due date weighing 3.150kg

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When I got to the hospital, the midwife thought that maybe I just had a UTI, but when they checked they found I had dilated 4 cms and had bulging membranes.

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We were being told to prepare ourselves to say goodbye. After his sedation he started to come good and we could see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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