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Miracle mum, Emma shares why it was important for her to try and stay positive through the challenges.

"I was only 24 weeks and 2 days when my waters broke at 11.30pm. My boy decided 5 days later that it was time to make an entrance into this world and I had a c-section.

He was born 895g and 35cm tall. He was under prebiotics when he started developing an infection which the doctor treated fairly quickly. We were also told he had a moderate PDA hole in his heart.

I was under all sorts of antibiotics and painkillers as well as meds for my milk supply as it had been 8 days since birth with no improvement on supply.

I can't begin to express the range of emotions we as mothers go through. The worse possibilities always play in our heads - which does effect your milk supply.

All I can say is ~ be strong mamas. It is easier said than done but keep a positive mindset.”

Thank you Emma for sharing your story.


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