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Miracle Mum, Marleigh shares her touching story about baby Makenzie who beat all the odds when her waters broke at 19 weeks.

"Makenzie is truly a miracle baby. At just 19 weeks I woke in the middle of the night and found myself in a puddle of water. I asked my mum to take me to the hospital where they told me my waters had broken and there was very very little chance of my baby making it the next 48 hours and that I would be delivering a baby that would not survive.

I decided to give my baby the option as to whether she would survive or not and against every single odd in the world Makenzie made it to 25 weeks before she decided to enter the world. When Makenzie was born we found out she had amniotic band syndrome which later in life would require the amputation of her foot, and separation of some fingers and toes.

After a 99 day stay at the Gold Coast University Hospital and many ups and downs we were finally able to take our little miracle home. We were told many times she was never going to make it and I cannot believe, with thanks from Gold Coast Hospital, the MFM team there as well as the NICU nurses that we were able to take her home and be the family we wanted from the moment I fell pregnant.

I truly cannot thank the hospital and every single nurse in NICU and MFM midwife Tionie and obstetrician Angela for their support and hope that our baby girl would be one of the very few that beat every single odd."

Thank you Marleigh for sharing your story.

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