My little miracle was born on 12.04.2011, he was born at 26+5 weeks weighing 1070 grams (reasonably big for his prematurity), and he stayed in hospital for 13 weeks. We had tough run in hospital it felt like almost every week something bad would happen. I remember going in to see Ollie on Mother’s Day, he had gotten a really bad infection and they were giving him a blood transfusion because he had become anaemic. After all the highs and lows of the NICU we finally got to bring him home.

Less than 2 weeks at home he got a bit sick but because he was so dehydrated it was difficult to pick up that he was sick. I put him down after giving him about 40mls of a bottle while I checked on his older brother. I came back and thought he was sleeping, but then looked again because his colour was off (I was always checking his colour in hospital) I picked him up and his eyes opened a little bit but he was limp and he was really grey. I shook him a little to see if he would respond and I got nothing. I screamed for his dad to call an ambulance and he did. Meanwhile I was checking his airways to make sure there wasn't any milk at the back of his throat, laid him on the couch and immediately started breathing into his mouth and nose, then I would stop and push his little chest in (they had taught me to do CPR before we left the hospital). He started coughing and his breathing was very weak, it took about 10 minutes for the ambulance to get there and we went to the hospital. I later found out that he had a floppy airway which meant whenever his airways were inflamed they would collapse.

Almost 2 years on and my, little miracle Oliver is a happy bouncy little boy. He just had his big development check-up and is doing really well. Many thanks to give to the nurses and midwifes and the WCH Adelaide if they hadn't taught me how to help my little boy, I don't think that he would be here. I am so grateful that my little boy made it through.

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