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Miracle Mum, Elle shares how proud she is of her little fighter and his strength through their NICU journey.

"Sonny made his early entrance into the world on the 19th July 2019, weighing a tiny 780grams. From the moment he was born, we knew in our hearts he was going to be a little fighter and he didn’t prove us wrong.

Sonny spent a total of 92 days in NICU and overall we had a relatively smooth ride with our little guy overcoming everything thrown his way. A stage II brain bleed was found in the first few days after he was born. We were so thankful that after monitoring this for a few weeks it resolved on its own.

His lungs were small and underdeveloped, he stayed ventilated for a couple of days after he was born, and then moved onto CPAP breathing support for another couple of months.

Our little miracle had no major issues along the way. He grew, he got stronger and on day 93 he was discharged, at 38 weeks gestation. He weighed 3.4kg and didn’t need to come home in any oxygen.

Now he is home he is thriving and we are enjoying every previous moment with him."

Thank you Elle for sharing your story.

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