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I was diagnosed with preeclampsia with my son Nate at 25 weeks. I was hoping that he would stay in just a little bit longer.

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I remember the day I went into labour like it was yesterday, it was 6 in the afternoon and I had been having back pain for three days I told my mother what I was feeling and he rushed me to the Tupelo Women’s Centre in Mississippi.

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I started feeling sick in April 2012. I started to swell in my ankles, feet, hands and face. After reading numerous sites I thought I had preeclampsia. I went to my Ob, sent me for blood work everything came back normal.

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[image]Tahlia Faith

Tahlia Faith

On the 29th of October 2011 at 2:51 am my daughter came into the world through an emergency C-section weighing 580grams. She was still born when she came out the doctors worked on her for 10 minutes before they got a heartbeat.

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[image]Minnie and Alfie

Minnie and Alfie

I had my twins Minnie and Alfie at 27 weeks. I'm English, hence the very English names and at the time it gave the nurses a bit of a giggle.

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[image]Jaxon Edward

Jaxon Edward

This is our little miracle baby Jaxon. He unexpectedly came into this world on the 18th Nov 2010. Weighing 1145grams and born at 27 weeks.

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Born at 27 weeks in 2001 in a country hospital and airlifted to a city hospital was a very scary and surreal experience. After 10 years, I can look back and think how lucky we were.

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After years of trying for a baby and being unsuccessful my husband and I tried IVF and were successful. But at just 27 weeks of pregnancy I went into spontaneous labour. As this was my first child I didn’t even know I was in labour I just knew I was in a lot of pain.



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Carter has shown an incredible amount of strength from day one and we are so very lucky to have her here with us.

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