28 Weeks



After years of trying for a baby, I finally conceived and the excitement was almost palpable but alas it was short-lived. After a period of bleeding in the first trimester, my waters broke at exactly 22 weeks

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Jaxson is my nephew and our family’s miracle baby. Born at just 28 weeks he weighed just 2lb 10oz. He was born on July 15 at Seminole County Hospital, he was the first baby born there in years because it is just an Indian clinic and they do not deliver babies there.

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[image]Jack and Harry

Jack and Harry

The last 2 1/2 yrs. has been an amazing journey for both myself and my Husband Darren. On the 12th of March 2010 we had a little boy born at 24 weeks it was a very stressful time, we spent 133 days at Westmead Hospital but we have a very healthy little boy.

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I am a very blessed mum to 4 children about to have my 5th. I have had in total 3 premature babies my youngest Kaleb being my most earliest born on the 15th December 2010 at Waikato Hospital in Hamilton with a horrible pregnancy from 20 weeks

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My son Matthew was born by emergency Caesarean at 28 weeks and 1 day. Only people who have been through the experience would know and understand the agonising wait of what happens and what is to come down the track.

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After years of trying and IVF I was delighted to fall pregnant with Sophie, but waking up one morning at just over 27 weeks I knew something was wrong. Scans showed that I was going into early labour, but we didn't know why.

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After beating cancer as a teenager, Becca travelled the world before she and her husband had a baby... in very dramatic circumstances.

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Even before my husband and I were married, we knew we wanted kids straight away. After a few months of trying I was pregnant. I was worried about miscarriage and remember talking with my GP about the statistics and saying ‘1 in every 4 pregnancies is lost’ His reply was ‘but 3 in every 4 survive’

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After having Angus at 28 weeks and 2 days in 2006 due to severe IUGR, it took years for me to get pregnant again. After several miscarriages and a loss at 19 weeks, (my baby angel Hamish) I conceived once again. My high risk OB held my hand the whole way.

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[image]Rafael and Dante

Rafael and Dante

Their start in life was a bumpy one and its impact on our family unit in the early years was painful, silent and deep.

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[image]Hope Victoria

Hope Victoria

Hope was born at 28 weeks but was measuring with a gestation size of 23 weeks - she was tiny then and still is now!

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To all of those experiencing life in the NICU right now, you need to hear this story. May our Miracle baby’s story provide you with the hope and strength to keep fighting.

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The next day I was rushed to theatre and Zara was delivered. I had a two second glimpse of her before she was taken to the special care nursery. It wasn’t until the next morning I was able to touch her and it took two weeks until I was able to hold her - which was still the best Christmas present I’ve ever received.

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[image]Reuben & Jeremiah

Reuben & Jeremiah

At 19 weeks I thought I was going in for a routine morphology scan, until it was noticed that my cervix was dilated and Twin A had bulging membranes. I was given the diagnosis of an incompetent cervix (which I had never heard of). We decided for a cervical suture to give our boys the best chance. 

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Suddenly, in burst a team of doctors explaining I would need to deliver that day or I would be dead by the afternoon as my kidneys were failing. I remember saying “No thanks, I’m fine she’s only 28 weeks”. However, they weren’t asking, they were telling. And because I was at a private hospital that couldn’t deliver a baby earlier than 32 weeks, I was transferred to the local hospital next door. 

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After all the testing on the Thursday we were told how grim things were looking and that they would need to deliver him within 3 days. To say it was a shock would be an understatement. I'd heard of babies being born early before but I didn't know much about it.

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I felt like my pregnancy with him was not right from the start but as he is my first I just thought it was all normal. I will always listen to my gut feeling from now on. I had a short cervix. I went in for a routine scan and ended up being admitted into hospital. Within an hour I had a big bleed and doctors gave me steroids preparing for baby to come.

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Her first six weeks in NICU and Special Care was a constant one step forward two steps back with doctors constantly monitoring for NEC (necrotising enterocolitis). On the 31st of December their suspicions were confirmed with Willow deteriorating rapidly, they made the decision to put her in an induced coma and intubate immediately.

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I never knew I was pregnant with Tyler until the day before I gave birth to him. I was on the injection and on my period... but one morning I woke up to a lot of blood (too much for a period). I told my sister and she told me to do a pregnancy test - it came back positive! I was so scared. 

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I went into premature labour on the Friday (a week before Christmas). The labour was stopped, however, I suffered a pulmonary embolism and Nate had to be delivered via emergency Caesarean on the Monday.

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We spent 11 weeks in the NCCU in total (10 weeks in isolation) and we were able to bring her home 4 days before her due date. She is currently on home oxygen. She’s now 1 year old actual and 9 months corrected. These tiny humans are the strongest little people on this planet! Our daughter inspires us with her strength every day. She is a warrior! The nurses and doctors were so amazing with everything they have done to protect and keep our baby girl safe and well!

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[image]Axel & Rocco

Axel & Rocco

They put on baby clothes, had their first baths and I bottle fed them for the first time. After 70 days total at King Edward the boys were both transferred to Bunbury Hospital as Axel required 5 days of cardiac monitoring due to the PDA.

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He was resuscitated and taken straight to the neonatal intensive care unit. I was taken to recovery and back to the maternity ward without even seeing my son.
7 hours after his birth, I finally met my son.

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We were elated but frightened at the same time but her newly found freedom was short lived. Her waters broke in the middle of that night, so we made the trip straight back to hospital. She was given steroids to help the baby’s lungs and the cervical stitch was removed in preparation for delivery.

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Chelsea remained in hospital for the next 3 months where the staff at Liverpool Hospital were second to none. The level of care shown towards my daughter and our family was exceptional. I cannot thank them enough.

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