Hope Victoria

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"Hope was born at 28 weeks but was measuring with a gestation size of 23 weeks (she was tiny then and still is now!). Hope was 31cm long and weighed 684grams. She had no complications at all besides the few DESATS she has with her oxygen levels, which the majority of premmies do. 

At birth she was put on a CPAP machine with a level 5, and had a long line put in for fluid. She came off CPAP after 13 days and was put on a high-flow at the lowest level. 12 days later and on Christmas day she was taken off all oxygen support and was self-ventilating. What a great Christmas present!
She was moved out of NICU into Special Care in early January weighing 1.774kgs. Her feeding was a tiny 18mls every 2 hours.
Hope was progressing brilliantly and was almost ready to be transferred closer to home at Bendigo hospital.

By mid January Hope was FINALLY transferred to Bendigo where she piled on the weight, ticked all the boxes and was discharged home from hospital the next month. She had weekly visits from a MHN until she reached 3kgs in weight, which she hit last week! 

Little Hopey turned 4 months old recently and is thriving. She’s mum and dad’s little superstar!


Thank you Miracle Mum, Stacey for sharing your story.

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