Jack and Harry


The last 2 1/2 yrs. has been an amazing journey for both myself and my Husband Darren. On the 12th of March 2010 we had a little boy born at 24 weeks it was a very stressful time, we spent 133 days at Westmead Hospital but we have a very healthy little boy. We then decided to try for a little brother or sister and then had a miscarriage another stressful time but we fell pregnant, and then found out we were having twins, we both nearly fell off the chair. We were so happy and felt blessed.

At 17 weeks I had a major bleed and was rushed to St George Hospital and admitted for 2 weeks then allowed to leave. At 22 weeks I was admitted to St George Hospital and was diagnosed with placenta previa, I stayed again for another 2 weeks. I had a major bleed that wasn't stopping and we were told the worst news we wanted to hear, we may be having the twins at 24 weeks. I was transferred to the Royal Woman's at Randwick where a team of Professors, Specialists and Doctors took over my care. After numerous tests, scans, and even consultation with the Neonatal Intensive Care team we thought it was all going to happen again but luckily it didn't. We were told that if we made it to 28 weeks it would be a blessing. After 4 weeks of being in and out of hospital I had another bleed in the Royal and my waters broke at 28 weeks. I was told that there was no NICU beds available at the Royal and was rushed to Royal North shore where an emergency c-section was done and my little boys were born on the 15th May 2012.

We stayed at the RNS NICU unit for 4 weeks before being transferred to Special Care at St George till the boys were 39 weeks and we came home. I was still bleeding and had placenta accretea I had 2 surgeries' 14 weeks after giving birth to the twins, it's just now in September we are all doing well. I must say it's been a very stressful time but has made us all a strong family unit, and we know we are the luckiest people in the world to have 3 very beautiful and health premmie boys. Feel free to join our Facebook page OurJourneyWithTwins.

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