Jaxson is my nephew and our family’s miracle baby. Born at just 28 weeks he weighed just 2lb 10oz. He was born on July 15 at Seminole County Hospital, he was the first baby born there in years because it is just an Indian clinic and they do not deliver babies there. Ironically he happens to be half Seminole Indian. He was med flighted to OU Children’s Hospital. He was a fighter from the very beginning. However there were a few times when he had to be resuscitated, which was overwhelming scary. After 5 months in the NICU our miracle boy came home just in time for Christmas. Today he is a strong and healthy 2 year old. He has had to have a surgery to correct a hernia, and has a touch of Cerebral Palsy that’s hardly noticeable. He even started walking about 8 months ago which the doctors find very impressive. My family is so thankful for all the wonderful Doctors and Nurses that took care of Jaxson.

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