After years of trying for a baby, I finally conceived and the excitement was almost palpable but alas it was short-lived. After a period of bleeding in the first trimester, my waters broke at exactly 22 weeks, how he managed to stay for another 5 and a half weeks I know only God made that possible but I was surrounded with a lot of prayers from family and friends.

We had a long turbulent stay in the NICU as he developed BPD and couldn't go off the ventilator even though he was gaining weight beautifully. Eventually after 95 days in the NICU we were discharged home on oxygen by nasal cannula. I look back at the times in the NICU, the tears, the prayers, the different stages - waiting to cuddle, nappy changing, bath time, movement to the cot, going off NIPPV again and again and I thank God for seeing me through.

Today Jedidah is a healthy, happy 9 month old baby who no longer needs oxygen and by God's grace is growing up to be a strong, healthy little boy. God bless you as you read this and should you be the mother of a premmie, know that you are specially chosen to take care of that miracle and all will be well.



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