I am a very blessed mum to 4 children about to have my 5th. I have had in total 3 premature babies my youngest Kaleb being my most earliest born on the 15th December 2010 at Waikato Hospital in Hamilton with a horrible pregnancy from 20 weeks, there was a build-up and ongoing issues from early bleeding, to early established labour but with all that came the rupturing of the membranes at 26 weeks, I was lying in my hospital bed with my husband hunched up on two awful seats when it happened.

I managed to keep Kaleb in for 11 days after that and then as a result of a suspected abruption I was then induced and an hour and a half later Kaleb arrived he was breathing and healthy a great weight 3 pound 2 ounces. He spent in total 6 weeks in neonatal, a very short stay compared to others!!!! I am grateful I have the Lord that’s who ultimately helped me through this, I am pregnant again and 24 weeks and am in high alert as I am contracting again but with the strength of Jesus and support I have and not to mention my Church I know everything will be ok and so will my baby.

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