Rafael and Dante


Our beautiful twins Rafael and Dante were born at the Darwin Royal Hospital in 2014. Their start in life was a bumpy one and its impact on our family unit in the early years was painful, silent and deep.

My memory of that period is a blur of beeping hospital wards, the constant wurr of the Medala breast pump, the endless feeds and cleaning and sanitizing, cold waiting rooms and the smell of pentavite.

Our boys have come a long way since they were born in 2014.

Today they are three and half and are the toughest kids in their daycare. Their smiles and laughs are infectious, their energy levels are limitless and their small little characters fill our lives with joy.  


Rafael and Dante

28 – the number of weeks when my water broke

28 + 6 the number of weeks and days when the twins were born

1832 - the combined weight of the boys (in grams) at birth

3 - the number of holes in Dante’s heart at birth.

105  - the number of days our boys spent in hospital as newborns .

Not enough - the amount of breast milk I produced for both twins.

Too many  - the number of hospital admissions the boys had between 2015-2016.

3 - the number of times our family tried to go to Melbourne for Dante’s heart surgery between 2015-2016.

2 - the number of hospital admissions our boys have had in 2017.

7 - the number of birthday parties the boys have gone to in 2017.

8 - the number of swimming lessons the boys have done in 2017.

Not many - the number of days the boys have had to take off from childcare in 2017 due to illness.

Lots - the number of times each day they laugh and smile.

Lots and lots - the number of times we tell them each day they are loved.

Unlimited - the level of gratitude we have for the staff at the Royal Darwin Hospital, Melbourne Children’s Hospital and all the other health professionals who have helped provide our boys with the best care possible. 

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Thank-you to Miracle Mum Natalie for sharing her story.

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