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Miracle Mum, Ashley remembers the best Christmas present she ever got... being able to hold her baby for the first time. She shares the story of welcoming little Zara into the world.

"I was transferred from Wollongong hospital to the Royal hospital for women (RHW) at Randwick at 28 weeks 5 days. I had been diagnosed with severe preeclampsia.

The next day I was rushed to theatre and Zara was delivered. I had a two second glimpse of her before she was taken to the special care nursery. It wasn’t until the next morning I was able to touch her. It took two weeks until I was able to hold her, which was Christmas Eve. It is still the best Christmas present I’ve ever received.

At 1.5 months old Zara was well enough to be transferred to Wollongong NICU and at 3 months old she was finally able to come home (day before Valentine’s Day). 

Today Zara is a very happy and healthy 4 and a half year old who is very excited to be going to big school next year."

Thank you Ashley for sharing your touching story.

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