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Miracle Mum, Angel couldn’t believe her second child was arriving at 29 weeks after previously having a full-term baby. She shares the story of her baby girl’s arrival.

“Annika is my second child but unfortunately, she was born at 29 weeks. I was 40 years old when I delivered Annika. I didn’t expect her to be born at 29 weeks because my first baby was full-term. I was admitted to the hospital because I was already 2cm. The doctor said they would try to stop my labour and I was given medication to stop the contractions. I was released after 3 days, however I had only slept at home one night before the contractions returned heavily and I went back to the hospital. I couldn't resist the pain from 1am to 4am, and around 5:15am Annika was born weighing 1.2kgs.

Everyone in the hospital was panicked. As soon as Annika was revived and took her first breath the doctor immediately fixed her navel, wrapped her in a foil like blanket and put her in a box to keep her warm. She was then rushed directly to Bukidnon Provincial Hospital in Maramag, Bukidnon because she was rejected at Laviña hospital because she was called a "dirty baby" because I delivered her in the ER which was apparently an unsanitised place. So, the hospital will not accept her and allow her to be incubated at NICU.

When I heard about the situation, I was in the operating room and my heart broke - I could not help but cry and asked God Why?  They brought me to the recovery room and as soon as I was conscious enough, I grab my phone to call up my husband abroad. He was so shocked he couldn't believe that I had delivered already. He flew all the way from Singapore that night right after my call. He arrived earlier than I expected and I was still in recovery. I tried my best to get some strength to follow and watch over our baby over there. We prayed and left all the rest to God above. We went home after 38 days at Provincial Hospital.

But the following day, Annika was rushed to the nearest hospital because Apnoea occurred. We started our struggles all over again for the second time. The doctors and nurses tried to help Annika and she was intubated two times and but it dislodged. Then a Miracle happened - the doctor told us her pulse was slowing and she might be gone anytime. We almost lost hope but I prayed hard and my family also prayed for Annika. I was prepared to offer Annika’s life to God but instead God gave me Annika. We are thankful to God above for the life of our second baby. We went home after a month and 15 days.

We raise Annika with so much love and care and she is now a one year old and we are so happy to be with Annika. To sum it all, God above did all the rest. We hold on to Psalm 91.”

Thank you Angel for sharing your story.  

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