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Miracle Mum, Anna remembers the day she was rushed into an emergency c-section and being told how dire things were for her and her baby. She shares the story of baby Bonnie’s arrival.

“Bonnie Mae was born on the 2nd May, 4:31pm @ 29 weeks weighing 1400grams. After what was meant to be a routine Anti D injection on the Monday we didn't end up returning home because I was feeling extremely ill. At first the doctors thought it was an infection due to my waters leaking.

They started me on IV antibiotics and the doctors decided to induce me. At 9pm on the 1st of May the induction started with a few contractions soon to follow. This didn't last long as the contractions stopped and the drip was turned off at 2am with the plan to restart at sun up.

Tuesday morning the doctors did another scan to check the baby. They found there was no blood getting to the baby due to large clots in the ovarian vein. This became very serious very fast. It all happened so quickly and I had such a whirlwind of emotions. After treatment of blood thinners things were not improving, it was then decided to do an emergency c-section. My husband was pulled aside where the doctors spoke to him about how serious the clots were because they were traveling to my lungs. He was asked the question no husband or father should ever be asked -"if things go wrong who do we work on?"

I was so scared for my baby, for myself and for my two other young daughters at home. I was taken into theatre and the last thing I remember was feeling like I was on fire and having no control of my body. I watched my husband blow me a kiss as the doors closed in front of his face.

Our beautiful baby girl was born at 4:31pm. Soon after her birth daddy met her for the first time. At 3minutes of age Bonnie was placed on cpap and oxygen to help her little lungs stay inflated before being taken down to NICU @JHH where the long road ahead started.

Sadly, I don't know much about Bonnies first few hours/ days of her life. Things went a little down hill in theatre. Waking up in recovery at around 9pm before being taken to ICU I was told I have a beautiful healthy tiny baby girl that is a little fighter already.

On day 3 I finally got to meet my beautiful baby girl. The feelings I felt this day will never be forgotten. Bonnie has a long road ahead with lots of ups and downs. Finally, on day 42 Bonnie was discharged just in time for the June long weekend. Sadly, this was short lived with her being readmitted after 3 days due to loss of weight and trouble maintaining body temperature. After another long week her light was shining so bright and we got to take our baby girl home. Unfortunately, premmie babies pick up a lot of germs and after 3.5weeks at home Bonnie got RSV virus. This time we were air lifted to the children’s hospital where we spent the next 2 weeks in icu.

After we returned home Bonnie hasn’t looked back. Bonnie is now 2 and a half and smashing all her goals and showing the world what a tuff little girl she is. Heath, Ivy, Stella & I cannot thank the doctors and nurses enough at JHH NICU - we will be forever grateful of you all.

No one will ever understand these emotions unless you have had to walk this path. I look back and don't actually know how we got through each day but we made it - we are still making it as a family and I couldn't be more proud.

For all those new parents with a premmie baby or a sick baby "just keep swimming," there is light at the end of that tunnel!”

Thank you Anna for sharing your story.

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