At 29 weeks and 3 days, our daughter, Chloe came into this world totally unexpected. I'd had a routine, healthy pregnancy, no complications and no warning of what was to come. I recall seeing my mucus plug starting to come away but never imagined it would result in an early delivery. After 4 long days of labouring, Chloe was born. Initially her Apgar results were good, but a few hours later we were told the awful news, that she had bacterial meningitis due to an infection I had contracted in my womb. We were devastated.

The immediate 48 hrs were touch and go and instead of being elated at her birth, we were crippled with fear and sadness. It was such an emotional wrenching time, watching and waiting, not knowing what we were going to be told each time we arrived at NICU. I remember Monday's being the worst day, when the head CT's scans were completed. We waited in terror, hoping that there had been no brain damage due to the infection. No news was good news and we dreaded entering the NICU, hoping against hope we were never called to the Silent Room.

Fortunately our little miracle fought off the infection and continued to strive, with no long lasting health complications. She spent 4 weeks in the Intensive Care Unit, ventilated for 2 days and on CPAP for 15 days. We spent 3 weeks in Level 2 and a final 2 weeks in Level 1. We so admired her strength and will to live and on 15th June 2012 we brought her home.

Now she is a happy healthy 17month old. We will never be able to thank enough, the staff at the Royal Woman’s Hospital, who saved our daughters life. We will never forget the journey we have been on and some days without warning, the emotion of the experience, still reduces us to tears and we remember again to thank God for our little treasure.

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