On November the 14th 2006 I wasn't feeling very well. I had been working full time as a hairdresser, working a lot of hours and I had just asked my boss to cut my hours back a bit. I had been getting a lot of headaches, losing my eyesight a bit and I thought I was suffering from migraines which I use to always get when I was a teenager. I was 29 weeks at this stage and thought I need to just cut back a bit.

I went home for a rest because my 1st antenatal class was that night and I wanted to learn everything I could. That night my husband woke me up to go to our class it was 5:30pm when he woke me I wasn't talking very well I was mumbling and slurring my words, he put me in the shower and then I was ok .

We went to our class when we were there I started to get another headache and swell really bad, the midwife handed everyone a leaflet and said if anyone gets these symptoms, that it is really concerning and to see your doctor, my husband and I looked at each other and thought that’s us. We went to the midwife when the class had finished, next thing I know they were calling ambulances, helicopters and told us that I have a bad case of pre-eclampsia and that we have to have this baby tonight. I was rushed to John Hunter Hospital for a caesarean and delivered a baby girl weighing 730 grams at 4:15 am. She was very sick and we were told to expect the worst. Milan was very tiny for her gestation and she had a very rough time but she was very stubborn. 5 blood transfusions, resuscitated 4 times, infections and she was even named "little miss attitude" by the staff. Milan spent 4 months in hospital and to this day she is still full of that stubbornness that got her through. She is now 7 years old and perfect. There is not a thing wrong truly a miracle baby.

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