Tuesday 28th July 2015 is a day I'll never forget! At 11.41am we unexpectedly welcomed Oscar Hamish Murray at only 29+2 weeks gestation. He weighed a tiny 1220g and was 38cm long. His skin was translucent and his eyes were fused shut. He didn't make a sound, was hooked up to  some oxygen and taken up to the NICU.

It all started on Sunday 26th July, 2 days earlier. I had back pain throughout the day which progressively got worse and late afternoon I started spotting. After ringing my Obstetrician we headed to the Women's and Children's. I was positive it was only a flase alarm... I wlould be checked and then sent on our way. Unfortunately once we arrived I was told I was 3cm dilated and the back pain I was experiencing was contractions. How was I to know!? After a steroid injection to help babies lungs and something to try and slow the contractions I was wheeled up to the delivery suite and was told I would deliver our baby by 3am. The nest morning came and no baby! I was thrilled and thought I would be able to go home. This was not the case.

I was taken down to the antenatal ward and given a tour of the NICU. In my dazed state I thought it was all a dream. Another steroid shot later and I was certain I was going home. Baby had other plans. Early the next morning I started having contractions again and the Dr said baby would be born that morning by caesarean as it was breech. This brings is to our NICU journey.

Oscar started his NICU journey relatively well and I was able to have my first hold on Day 3. However, the prem journey is long and he would take one step forward and ten two steps backwards. He had an inguinal hernia which hernia which which he needed to have operated on once he was a bit bigger and stronger. He also struggled a lot with his feeds and would vomit constantly. After 77 days in hospital and on his due date we were able to take Oscar home with us! Best day!

Once at home things didn't stop. We had a weekly hospital appointments to check his weight gains and monitor his vomiting. He was diagnosed was GORD (severe reflux) and type 1 laryngeal cleft aswell as tracheomalacia which affected his swallowing and meant he needed to have thickener in his bottles. Other than these few medical issues Oscar has grown and developed beautifully reaching all his milestones. He is now a happy, healthy 3 year old.

- Mum, Bec