"My pregnancy was quite a smooth one up until the last week.

I was only 30 weeks pregnant while attending our hospital antenatal class. Half way through I didn’t feel well and ran to the bathroom, having a placental abruption.

The next 12 hours where the most scariest, surreal and craziest I have ever experienced. After being transferred to a different hospital, being monitored for hours our daughter Addi, was born at 4 am only weighing 1.2 kgs.

Holding her for the first time was the most amazing experience, it took a few days before I could do that so when it came it was unbelievable. We were quickly thrown into the world of NICU life. Some days harder than others; our little girl just needed to feed and put on weight. We thank our lucky stars every day that was the only issue. After 2 and a half long months we finally came home as a family. What a journey it was.

And before we knew it, she is starting school this year. I get emotional thinking about it as I think of her tiny start and how far she has come. Proud couldn’t even start to describe it. She’s our little star!"

Miracle Mum, Nancy, shares the experience of her daughter Addi arriving early at 30 weeks and now starting 'big school' in 2019. 


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