Adrian Joy and Evie Mila

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Miracle Mum, Diana never thought she would need to undergo surgery while pregnant. The difficult pregnancy and the trauma of the NICU journey was a lot for her to deal with. Despite the tough times, she has two happy baby girls and has decided to share her story of welcoming them into the world. 

"Almost 18 months after their arrival my Identical Twin girls are like regular little babies, and by little, I mean little! Adrian Joy was born at 1099g and Evie Mila was born at 788g. They were delivered at 30 weeks and 1 day after an extremely difficult pregnancy.

At about 16 weeks it was confirmed that I had Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome. In a nutshell, that meant only one placenta had formed, there was an unequal share of blood and Evie wasn’t receiving enough to grow. If we didn’t go down the path of surgery on the placenta, there was only a 10% chance of survival for both babies. The surgery worked, but left other complications where Adrian then needed blood transfusions.

I was at constant risk of my waters breaking for most of the pregnancy due to procedures and I never knew from one scan to the next if my girls were going to make it. I spent about four months of the pregnancy in an out of hospital and had 52 ultrasounds in total. That was how closely the Perinatal Department at the Mercy Hospital for Woman we’re monitoring me. The team was incredible!

Being pregnant can be worrying enough without complications but I never imagined that I would need to undergo surgery and procedures during mine. Surgery and pregnancy, a very scary mix! Both girls struggled while I was pregnant, but Evie was at most risk because she was growing so slowly, and she only had a 20% chance of surviving. Evie spent almost 3 months in NICU / Special Care Nursery and was very sick throughout that time. Adrian spent 7 weeks with a fairly straight forward run.

I was constantly at two extremes with both my girls. Evie was at one end fighting for her life and Adrian was at the other ready to take on the outside world. I found it extremely difficult going home. We brought Adrian home much earlier than Evie, so there were still daily visits to the hospital, except we would have to pack for Adrian and bring her along.

I was very depressed and anxious in the early months of them coming home and no matter how hard I tried to establish a normal life again, the trauma of the pregnancy and NICU finally caught up with me. Getting help from a Psychiatrist was the best thing I could have done in the early stages of bringing them home, so when everything became too much, and by too much I mean days in bed not being able to feed my girls, he was there to help prevent my mental health from declining further.

It has taken me over 12 months to finally feel like a mother to my girls and feel like myself again. All the regular things that come with babies are tough, and I have days where I want to pull my hair out!! But I am learning each day how to manage my anxiety, especially after my traumatic time. I am loving time with my girls who laugh and play so much. Most days I still look at them and can’t believe they are here, they’re strength and energy just amazes me."

Thank you Diana for sharing your beautiful story.

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