Our struggle and amazing story.

Our little baby girl Angelin was born at 30+ weeks, due to my wife’s BP problem. We tried our best to reach the due date but my wife's situation was so severe that we are told to choose the ultimatum. I was down and broken. This is our first child (we are 35) and we didn't have many options. But God choose to give the baby Angel no matter what.

On 29th April, 2012, at 2:45 we've received the greatest gift ever a couple can dream of. She is tiny (just 1.1 kg) and since we are in a remote place in Northeast India, we could not get to the NICU for 7 agonizing hours. I am told that the baby is doing fine but I could not see her for 13 days! and her mother is still having the BP problems and confined in the hospital. After 13 days, I got to see my baby at last and she lost few more grams! We've shifted her to another hospital since our resources are running low. She is still in NICU and getting stronger each day.

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