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Miracle Mum, Melissa, shares the story of her first born entering the world early. 
Byron was my first child, everything was completely normal until my 30 week appointment and within 48 hours I had a gorgeous tiny baby boy. Byron was an absolutely gorgeous boy but we were both quite unwell, Byron was only 1kg and I had severe preeclampsia putting myself in ICU and Byron in NICU.  We were both in for a bumpy ride.

Byron and I were in hospital for 2 months, we laid together every night I would talk to him, I would tell him no matter what we will always be in this together, I will be there for his everything. Every hospital visit, every broken heart, any moment he is scared. When he falls I will pick him up when he is not sure I will reassure.

Byron and I have always had an extremely close bond, I have seen him go through things with his health that no adult would go through, and when he does he is always smiling, and always gets back up the next day. He has taught me so much. We have slept in hospital beds together for weeks at a time, he knows I always have his back I will always be there.

Now he is going from prep into year 1. See Prep they are babied, they are the babies of the school everyone watches out for them. They are protected from the rest of the school. 
To be honest it scares the heck out of me a lot more than him.

This little boy who I have spent so long preparing and protecting is now stepping foot into a world that I cannot always protect him from. Kids can be ruthless at this age and Byron is a good foot smaller than most of his friends. When he falls he is going to have to pick himself up. When he is scared of something he is going to have to think of everything I have taught him and assure himself.

And even better know who he is, love who he is and be proud of who he is. I have always kept Byron's Premature sized clothes for this year.

I am going to take Byron to the local NICU so he can donate his tiny clothes and see where he started, so he can see what it is like and how far he has come. I wanted to wait until now so that when he gets called short, asked why he is so little he can think of all those tiny babies and how far he has come.

I have always found it so hard to let go of Byron. Watching your baby born fighting makes you want to protect them for life. All I know is he may be little but he has BIG things coming his way this year.

I'm just going to sit down and hold on for this rollercoaster we call school.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful and honest thoughts around Byron starting 'big school'. We hope the transition has gone well for your family. 

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