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Miracle Mum, Emma knows driving to the right hospital the night her waters broke was a decision that saved her and baby Chayse's life.

"It all started as an uncomplicated pregnancy, then it was discovered I had a low lying placenta, which over time started to move. By week 24 I started having bleeds from my placenta slowly coming away from the wall and I was put onto bed rest. After a few days of being in hospital it began to slow down so they released me home to be on bed rest.

A couple of weeks went by without much blood then another big one happened, so back to the hospital we went. Another week of bed rest in hospital and then I was transferred from Joondalup Private to King Edward Memorial Hospital as Joondalup were unable to deliver babies under 32 weeks. I spent another week in hospital and got injections for his lung development. Then to our surprise they discharged me home.

Just over a week later the bleeding had started to intensify and I was having pains (little did I know these were contractions). I said to my husband that something didn't feel right and we needed to go to the hospital straight away.

Even though I had been told if anything serious happened we had to drive to KEMH, I told him to take me to Joondalup as I knew this wasn't good. We got to the birthing suit and they checked my pad to look at the bleeding and advised me my waters had now broken. Thankfully my Obstetrician was on the ward and she came down to find my sons heart beat wasn't good and he was in distress. The next thing I remember is the room filling up and my bed being rushed down a corridor into surgery. I had an emergency c-section.

It took them 6 minutes to get my son out and he took 7 minutes to resuscitate. He was born at 30+6 Weighing 1.540kgs. I saw him ever so briefly once I woke up and they had him stable enough for transfer. He was then transferred to Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) where he would spend 3 weeks fighting for his life and then another 2 weeks at Joondalup SCN.

It was 3 days before I got to see him again and during that time he had blood transfusions, Plazma transfusions, brain scans due to the CPR and lack of blood and oxygen to his brain/body during birth, and CPAP.

He ended up with 3 spots on his brain due to his birth, one on the frontal lobe and two on the rear.

We made the right decision to go to Joondalup, because had we of gone to KEMH my husband would have lost us both in the car on the way."

Thank you Emma for sharing.


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