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Miracle Mum, Karrie explains the bittersweet moment of leaving the NICU and farewelling the nurses and doctors who had become their rock through the NICU journey.

"Evie made her dramatic show to the world arriving at 30+1. Yet, my initial contractions began at just 29+4.  At 29+6 my waters broke spontaneously, at 30+1 it turned upside down, my placenta abrupted.

Having a sister who was an ex-prem, my heart knew what I was in for and I was scared. But I was even more scared that I couldn’t quite explain it to my partner in full depth.

Miss Evie had a hard start considering her 30 week gestation, 2.5 weeks of Cpap, followed by 1.5 weeks of high flow, fighting through a collapsed lung, we struggled to get off caffeine and finally came off at 35 weeks exactly. As soon as caffeine was seized without any following bradycardias, Miss Evie surprised everyone, within just 6 days she would be sucking all her feeds and ready for home!

The hardest day of our NICU journey was most certainly my own discharge day, the nurses and doctors become your friends and it ends up being bitter sweet leaving the unit. The doctors and nurses were mine and my partners everything for 6 weeks of Evelyn’s life.

She is now home and thriving, NICU is a massive part of our lives but is slowly becoming a distant memory!"

Thank you Karrie for sharing you story.


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