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Miracle Mum, Annabel shares the story of Grace's early arrival and how she'll always remember the first time she saw her in the humidicrib, so tiny and surrounded by tubes.

"I was having a very normal pregnancy until I was exactly 30 weeks when I had a slow leak of my membranes. This was such a scary time as I knew I wasn't meant to be having my baby this early. Luckily, I didn't deliver until about 24 hours after the leak began and I was able to have 2 doses of steroids to help the baby's lungs. After a straightforward labour our little baby girl, Grace Elizabeth, was born weighing in at 1.79kg which for 30 weeks gestation was a really good size.

When she was born I was so relieved to hear her cry and I was able to hold her briefly on my chest before she was quickly wrapped in glad wrap and whisked off to NICU with my husband. I'll never forget that moment when I was wheeled in a wheelchair to see her in the humidicrib, so many tubes and she was so tiny.

We spent the next 2 weeks in NICU at John Hunter Hospital and then the following 5 weeks in the Special Care Nursery at Newcastle Private Hospital. It was a constant cycle of expressing/feeding, visiting the hospital, going home for some rest and then doing it all again. We were so lucky that she didn't have any health problems when she was in hospital (and since then) and she just needed to grow.

We were finally able to take her home 7 weeks later. Since that day she has continued to grow and thrive and is now a beautiful and healthy girl with absolutely no signs of being born so early. We will be forever grateful for the wonderful staff at both the hospitals we were at, the care was absolutely amazing.

We have been lucky enough to have another baby since then, a boy Harry. Obviously, I was extremely nervous that I would have another premature baby. I was put on bedrest at 24 weeks as I had a shortening cervix but managed to make it to 38 weeks (he was 3.83kg when he was born).

We are so grateful for both our miracle babies."

Thank you Annabel for sharing your story.

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