My name is Amy and my princess Isla was born at 30 weeks and 6 days at King Edwards Hospital in Perth weighing 1600grams, she was so tiny and so precious.

My waters had broken at 29 weeks and 6 days for no apparent reason, I had been having some pains that day so rang the hospital where I was told to take some Panadol and go to bed which I did. I woke up about 7pm with no more pains and feeling great, we decided to go late night shopping as it was a Thursday evening. Got home from shopping and went to bed to wake up at 1am feeling as if I had wet the bed, I went to the toilet to find my waters were leaking. We rang the hospital and were instructed to come straight in so dropped our older child off with my mother in law and off we went.

 When we arrived in the carpark it felt as if I had passed a clot or a large amount of fluid,  when I finally got to toilet in the assessment area I found I had actually started bleeding, They believed my placenta had started to come away but weren't sure.

After 2 stressful days on the labour ward and still no baby I was transferred to the ward where I would stay until either bub decided to come or I got an infection. It was a waiting game. We wanted our princess to stay where she was for as long as possible but at the same time I was sick and tired of waiting I just wanted to go to the next step which would be our baby being in the NICU.

I sat there day in day out watching women being sent home on bed rest and wondered why my doctors wouldn't let me go home. 7 days after my waters breaking I began to show signs of an infection and nurses and doctors decided to induce me before it started to affect our princess. At 1.26am on the 30th of September our princess Isla entered the world so perfect, so pretty and yet so tiny.

We spent 6 weeks visiting our princess in the hospital to finally be able to take her home, it was the longest 6 weeks of our lives. While we were one of the lucky ones with Isla breathing on her own and no medical complications the 6 weeks were full of many ups and downs.

One thing we will never forget is a statement made to my husband the morning Isla was born it was "It's as if some of them get sick of waiting. There is too much life to live so they figure let’s just get on with it." never a more correct word spoken I believe.


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