When Miracle Mum, Sophie welcomed her baby Lorelai into the world at 30 weeks she discovered a strength inside her she never knew she had. She shares her journey in hopes it will help others going through it.

"Our story is not unlike any of yours. For mothers going through this experience, I hope this brings you solace in these trying times.

I was 30.5 weeks the day I rang my midwife team at Queanbeyan hospital to ask if I should come in having not felt Lorelai move in 24 hours. With urgency they encouraged me to come in. Upon arriving I was hooked up to monitors, she was fine, but my blood pressure was high and climbing, resulting in admitting me with a BP of 168/110.

Preeclampsia was our cause, brought on perhaps by my renal disease, but later to discover a large placental abruption which had me transferred to The Centenary Hospital for Women and Children. After an ultrasound found this abruption the team of Midwifes and the gyneocologist told me “Sophie, you’re going to have your baby in about half an hour.” Immediately being rushed upstairs, the team were so calm and efficient around me and all I could do was break down in my partner’s arms. Frightened beyond all measure as I was wheeled to theatre. As my partner was not allowed in the room while anaesthetic was being administered and the set up was being done, he was told to wait 15 minutes and they’d bring him through. Unbeknownst to me, it had taken half an hour and he was crying in waiting petrified that something had happened to us.

After a short while he and I welcomed our little Lorelai. Only weighing 1.4 kg, we looked down in amazement at the fragility of this little one. I got to hold her for 15 minutes, and it was the best 15 minutes of my life. After that I knew I would do anything to be by her side every single day. I would stay with her from 8am until 7pm every single day after my own discharge from hospital. Watching her grow has been a blessing.

My story is unlike many, because mine was so positive in outcome. My daughter was a fighter, breathing by herself completely at 3 days, and moving into a normal cot at 4 weeks. I was watching her go from strength to strength, and in fighting so hard to thrive she gave me the strength that I needed to be there, and to be her NICU mum.

For all of the mothers out there with a NICU baby, know this; you are so much stronger than you ever thought you were. Let your baby be your strength."

Thank you Sophie for sharing your touching story.


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