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Miracle Mum, Brooke thought she'd soon be home after a few hours of precautionary monitoring at the hospital. However, she ended up giving birth to her son in an emergency c-section the next morning. Brooke shares the story of Oliver's arrival.

"When we went into the hospital at 30 weeks due to some bleeding we had no idea we would be having our baby the next day! We thought that we would be in there for a few hours of monitoring and then head home. I ended up with super high blood pressure, preeclampsia and placenta abruption.

They couldn't slow everything down and my waters ended up breaking the next morning and we had to have an emergency c section. I didn't get to hold Oli at all when he was born, I was lucky they wheeled my bed past him in the NICU so I could see him on my way back to my room.

It was another two days until I could get out of bed and go see him. It was such a shock, you have no idea what to expect when you see your baby born 10 weeks early.

He spent 6 weeks in NICU/SBU and then we got to take him home on the neonatal early release program - which meant he came home with the feeding tube still in and we continued our hospital care at home.

He's now 12 weeks old and has tripled his birth weight and is getting chubby. We are so proud of him and everything he has overcome and achieved."

Thank you Brooke for sharing your story.

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